ideal weight calculator in Australia helps find the ideal weight for men and women in Australia. Answer the question "How much should I weigh for my height?" with our ideal weight calculator. Your ideal body weight calculator can help you determine if you are underweight, overweight or in the best shape of your life! The first step to figuring out how to calculate your ideal weight is determining what your ideal weight actually means. To do this, there are two things you need to consider: the height and gender of the person using the calculator.

How much should I weigh?

The first thing you should do when looking for your weight goal is to calculate your IBW (Ideal Body Weight) with our Ideal weight calculator at the top of this page. To get this number, we take your height in inches, multiply it by its corresponding weight from the chart below and divide it by that same height in inches. An average woman would have an IBW of around 59 kilos if she is 165cm , 61 if she is 167cm. The optimal number for the average woman depends on her desired body shape, her muscle mass and bone density. Her ideal weight can vary between 57-68kg depending on these factors.
It's also important to note that there are other factors besides height and sex which determine a person's ideal weight such as how much they eat and how much exercise they get.
Other factors aside from height and gender which determine a person's ideal weight include how much they eat and how much exercise they get.

Ideal Weight Chart

Female Male
Height Weight Height Weight
144 cm 37-45kg 144 cm 41-45kg
145 cm 37-46kg 145 cm 42-46kg
146 cm 38-46kg 146 cm 43-46kg
147 cm 39-47kg 147 cm 44-47kg
148 cm 40-48kg 148 cm 45-48kg
149 cm 41-48kg 149 cm 46-48kg
150 cm 42-49kg 150 cm 46-49kg
151 cm 43-50kg 151 cm 47-50kg
152 cm 44-50kg 152 cm 48-50kg
153 cm 45-51kg 153 cm 49-51kg
154 cm 46-52kg 154 cm 50-52kg
155 cm 46-52kg 155 cm 51-52kg
156 cm 47-53kg 156 cm 52-53kg
157 cm 48-54kg 157 cm 53-54kg
158 cm 49-54kg 158 cm 54-54kg
159 cm 50-55kg 159 cm 55-55kg
160 cm 51-56kg 160 cm 55-56kg
161 cm 52-56kg 161 cm 56-56kg
162 cm 53-57kg 162 cm 57-57kg
163 cm 54-58kg 163 cm 58-58kg
164 cm 55-58kg 164 cm 58-59kg
165 cm 55-59kg 165 cm 59-60kg
166 cm 56-60kg 166 cm 60-61kg
167 cm 57-61kg 167 cm 61-62kg
168 cm 58-61kg 168 cm 61-63kg
169 cm 59-62kg 169 cm 62-64kg
170 cm 60-63kg 170 cm 63-64kg
171 cm 61-64kg 171 cm 64-65kg
172 cm 62-64kg 172 cm 64-66kg
173 cm 63-65kg 173 cm 65-67kg
174 cm 64-66kg 174 cm 66-68kg
175 cm 64-67kg 175 cm 67-69kg
176 cm 65-67kg 176 cm 67-70kg
177 cm 66-68kg 177 cm 68-71kg
178 cm 67-69kg 178 cm 69-72kg
179 cm 68-70kg 179 cm 70-73kg
180 cm 69-70kg 180 cm 70-73kg
181 cm 70-71kg 181 cm 71-74kg
182 cm 71-72kg 182 cm 72-75kg
183 cm 72-73kg 183 cm 73-76kg
184 cm 73-74kg 184 cm 74-77kg
185 cm 73-74kg 185 cm 74-78kg
186 cm 74-75kg 186 cm 75-79kg
187 cm 75-76kg 187 cm 76-80kg
188 cm 76-77kg 188 cm 77-81kg
189 cm 77-78kg 189 cm 78-82kg
190 cm 78-78kg 190 cm 78-82kg
191 cm 79-79kg 191 cm 79-83kg
192 cm 80-80kg 192 cm 80-84kg
193 cm 81-81kg 193 cm 81-85kg
194 cm 82-82kg 194 cm 82-86kg
195 cm 82-83kg 195 cm 83-87kg
196 cm 83-83kg 196 cm 83-88kg
197 cm 84-84kg 197 cm 84-89kg
198 cm 85-85kg 198 cm 85-90kg
199 cm 86-86kg 199 cm 86-91kg
200 cm 87-87kg 200 cm 87-91kg
201 cm 88-88kg 201 cm 88-92kg
202 cm 89-89kg 202 cm 89-93kg
203 cm 89-90kg 203 cm 89-94kg
204 cm 90-91kg 204 cm 90-95kg
205 cm 91-91kg 205 cm 91-96kg
206 cm 92-92kg 206 cm 92-97kg
207 cm 93-93kg 207 cm 93-98kg
208 cm 94-94kg 208 cm 94-99kg
209 cm 95-95kg 209 cm 95-100kg
210 cm 96-96kg 210 cm 96-100kg
211 cm 97-97kg 211 cm 97-101kg
212 cm 98-98kg 212 cm 98-102kg
213 cm 99-99kg 213 cm 99-103kg
214 cm 99-100kg 214 cm 99-104kg

This Ideal Body Weight Calculator and the height weight chart will help you figure out how much you should weigh based on your height and your gender. The IBW (Ideal Body Weight Calculator) gives you easy access to information about your height, which tells us how much your weight should be our weight. The calculation uses data from the WHO (World Health Organization) that indicates that most people are healthy when they are close to their ideal body weight neither too heavy nor too thin.

Limitations of our Ideal weight calculator

Ideal weight calculation is based on health research and study of population. However, it is important to note that there isn't one single formula for determining ideal body weight. Doctors usually take into account height, age, sex and other factors when finding a person's optimum weight. The best way to find out what your optimal weight should be would be to consult with a doctor or dietitian.

How is the ideal weight calculated?

Ideal weight calculation is based on health research and study of population.

BMI formula:

weight [kg]height [m]2

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Ideal body weight (result in kg) formula:

Women: 45.5 + (0.9 x height [cm] - 154)
Men: 50 + (0.9 x height [cm] - 154)

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